Specializing in consumer insights, user experience (UX), brand and strategy development; an unwavering passion for client success, embracing best practices and new technology to drive goal attainment. 

David M. Thompson
Chief Research Officer

Specializing in financial and luxury markets, David has a unique understanding of the trends affecting the affluent and high net worth markets today, and the needs, behaviors and attitudes of these consumers and investors. 


For over 20 years, David has been working with the leading national and international firms in wealth management, banking, insurance and luxury sectors to deliver strategic, relevant intelligence and insights on affluent markets.


David founded the Global Wealth Monitor (GWM) in 2003, a syndicated research platform that continuously tracks the affluent and HNW markets in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

As a Vice President at NFO WorldGroup and as senior consultant at Spectrem Group, David directed custom and syndicated research in the wealth management sector.


David has held various senior positions in the field including directing the

affluent strategic research for CIGNA Financial Advisors.


David holds a graduate business degree from the University of Hartford and is a frequent speaker on wealth management subjects.